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Reverse Mortgage Requirements

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Why a Reverse Mortgage?

  • Create an alternative source of income.
  • Eliminate any “Out of Pocket” monthly mortgage payments.
  • The Borrower may remain in the home for as long as he wishes to.
  • Title stays in the Borrower’s name.
  • There is no equity sharing with the lending bank which means the borrower gets full advantage of rising property value.
  • Purchase a new primary residence without having to pay a monthly payment to repay the loan.
  • Can be applied on Condos, SFR’s, 1-4 Units, & PUD’s.
  • Available with Forced and ARM Rate Types.
  • For purchase and refinance.
  • We offer flexible payments.

How a Reverse Mortgage in Florida Works

A reverse mortgage differs from a conventional loan in several ways. A conventional loan requires monthly payments and a down payment from the buyer to the lender upon purchase. The home equity increases with every payment until the mortgage is paid off. With a reverse mortgage, the homeowner has no payment obligations on a month-to-month basis. Because the loan is typically used to downsize or relocate a residence, the owner has access to the home equity in the previous home and can use the equity in a variety of ways: a lump sum of cash, a monthly income, or a line of credit.

A Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System

  Seniors Reverse Mortgage is dedicated to abiding by all laws and precepts in Florida regarding mortgage transactions. Our knowledgeable and experienced professional, Jim C. Boswell, is a licensed nationwide mortgage professional. He will visit your home for a private consultation or will counsel with you at his office. We will never pressure you to make this important decision over the phone or by mail.

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